Apple 12" PowerBook G4 1.33 GHz: 1.25GB RAM, 60GB 7200RPM HD, SuperDrive, AirPort Extreme for sale

Currently on eBay as item # 190055306961.

This is a great laptop and I really like it, but I needed an Intel based Mac to do some work that required a Windows based program (I'm a software developer and I have to use some Windows-only tools sometimes). I replaced this laptop with a MacBook Pro - otherwise I'd be happily hanging on to it.

If you need some more info on the specs of this model in general, here are some resources:


  • 1.25GB RAM - in the form of 256MB permanently installed, and a 1GB module in the RAM socket. This is the maximum RAM configuration possible on this model.
  • 60GB HD
  • SuperDrive - Apple's CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R drive.
  • AirPort Extreme - Apple's 802.11b/g wireless card
  • Additional battery

The hard disk has been secure-erased and reinstalled with the OS and applications on the Software Restore CD's that came with it, and then updated to the latest version of that software from Apple's Software Update service. That means it has MacOS X 10.3.9 on it. (Please don't ask me to pirate a copy of Tiger for you.)

Battery Recall Status:

I took care of the battery recall process. One battery was in need of replacement and it has been replaced; it's still in the plastic wrapper from Apple, so you know it's brand new. The other battery was not eligible, even though the serial number falls in the range on Apple's recall web site. When I called the Apple support number and talked to a technician named Miles, he said that the web site was wrong and that their internal serial number ranges didn't include the battery serial number I had (he read them to me and he was correct). So, one battery replaced, one battery not replaced 'cuz it doesn't need it.


It's in really good shape. I took pictures to show that there are no keyboard prints in the screen (more a problem with 15" PowerBooks), no gaps or bends in the edges of the case, and only a couple of really small scratches in the surface (the two largest are on the trackpad and just to the upper right of the trackpad, both visible in the photo). The latch works perfectly, sleep and waking work just fine, the screen looks great, etc. No issues except for those teeny scratches. You get all the stuff that was in the box originally.

You might notice that the MiniDVI to VGA adapter is missing from the photo of what's in the box. I lost it, but don't worry; I ordered a replacement, so it'll be in the box when I ship it.


Buyer pays $23 shipping. Shipping is via UPS ground to US addresses only.

Payment options are PayPal, money order, or cashier's check. Since there are so many cashier's check related scams lately, I'll hold onto a money order or cashier's check for 7 days to make sure it clears before shipping.

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