Ode to Trader Joe’s

Friendly dog in Brooklyn, NY needs a home!

Update: without getting into the details, let’s just say that he isn’t up for adoption anymore. :(

Last week while we were visiting New York, we rescued a dog in Brooklyn and took him to the shelter. No one has claimed him, so he’s now available for adoption, and I’m trying to find him a good home.

He seems like a very nice dog, friendly and calm-tempered, and appeared good with the other dogs in the waiting room. He likes to ride in your car (especially if you’re rescuing him on a really cold winter day!) Obviously I don’t know a lot about him, but there really was something very sweet about his personality. Even after the awful days (or weeks) that he’d been through, he was still very happy and friendly and just wanted to lean up against someone and be warm.

He’s part pit bull, which I know limits his chances for adoption. So I’m trying to put out the word to everyone that if there’s someone who thinks they have room for a sweet and friendly dog, maybe they can go down to the shelter and meet him and see what happens? If you know of anyone in the New York City area who might be looking to adopt a dog, please forward this to them!

The shelter gave him the name “Kyle”, ID #A795805

Animal Care and Control - Brooklyn
2336 Linden Boulevard
Brooklyn, NY 11208
(212) 788-4000
Adoption Hours: Noon to 7:00pm, 7 Days a Week

Photos (taken with my cameraphone, so not really doing him justice, plus he’s a bit skinny from living on the streets):

Love affair with coffee

I’m incredibly proud of Jamie for kicking his caffeine habit recently. And yet for some reason, I’ve been drinking more coffee-based drinks as he’s been cutting back, maybe due to some cosmic beverage consumption balancing law. I stumbled across this series of drawings while researching the best cafes here in SF.

OMG Ponies

I love companies with a personality and sense of humor. It’s something that I need to aspire to in my own business dealings - I tend to fall back on bland and corporate, perhaps due to many years of working in Washington DC where everyone is always being proper and trying to avoid standing out in any way.

For example, I just upgraded to the latest version of BBEdit, and was reading through the features list, when I noticed this item:


That’s it, just “Ponies.” There were some other fun comments in the list, such as:

You can now review and apply sub-line differences individually in the results of Find Differences.
Yeah, you heard that right.

I sent in this message to support:

These two features made it totally worth the price of upgrading:

- You can now review and apply sub-line differences individually in the results of Find Differences.
- Search and replace history is now persistent across runs of the application.

Thank you!!!

(PS - am unable to find keyboard shortcut for Ponies, please advise)

A few hours later, I received this message back:

Hi Kim,

Thanks for writing in, and for you very kind words about BBEdit. We’re glad you’re so pleased with the upgrade!

(As for the ponies, they broke free from the corral before we could assign a key to them, but we’ve sent out some TextWranglers to bring them back. :-)

If you have any further questions or comments, or if we may otherwise be of assistance, please let us know.


Yet one more reason to hate “Fox and Friends”

“I’m sure that if any of us went to an actual PETA meeting, we would not find anybody remotely attractive.” (Link, for those of you who want to spend 4 minutes hitting your head against something to make the stupidity stop.)

After some contemplation, I think it’s probably ok that this kind of propaganda is out there - if the world really knew that vegan gatherings are often packed with quite attractive and intelligent people, we’d suddenly be full of desperate non-veg guys bringing iceberg lettuce salads and hitting up girls by telling them “I know where you can get some protein, heh heh”…

Creative Commons in action

One of the photos used in the movie “Iron Man” was from someone’s Flickr photo set, published under Creative Commons - and yet the studio still felt the need to get a release signed (probably under the “better safe than sorry” policy).

Iron Man and Me

The Annotated Oscar Wao

My book group picked “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” for their January book, and I realized after about the first chapter that I was spending all of my time in Wikipedia looking things up, and that based on some of my search results, other people reading this book were too. So I started writing things down, resulting in: The Annotated Notes and Translations for The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Dalek Christmas Tree

Wow. I would make a joke, but all the good ones are already in the comments on that page… :(

Santa is a jerk

I couldn’t agree more:

Quote of the day

From The Chron:

“…toward the end of Prohibition, The Chronicle estimated that 6,000 speakeasies sold beer and liquor illegally in San Francisco. Enforcement of the liquor laws was so lax in the city that Shanty Malone’s bistro on Turk Street occasionally staged phony police raids to keep the customers amused.”