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December 24, 1999

I'm stuck at home because I'm sick. And there's only so much Battlestar Galactica I could watch. So I've been updating my web site content.

Hey, I open-sourced CSV-to-HTML under the GPL. Rah!

December 24, 1999

Well, Christmas is pretty much ruined by some kind of illness which I caught. On Tuesday morning I woke up feeling pretty awful, and didn't go to work despite the fact that there were several important meetings I had scheduled. It was that bad. Then Wednesday I stayed home too. On Thursday we were supposed to fly to D.C. on the way to visit my relatives in Virginia fo Christmas. Well, we cancelled that. There was a chance that I might infect one of my older relatives with this bug, and be responsible for some horrible outcome. So no trip. No Christmas visit. Arrgh. I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics, and I'm taking it easy in hopes of beating this bug.

Anyway, we're sitting around the apartment watching the Battlestar Galactica marathon on the Sci-Fi channel. Kim is taking good care of me.

December 12, 1999

Things are looking up. There are some things to be happy about.

We can afford (via cheap airfares found online) to fly back to the East Coast this winter to visit with our families. There is a scheduling problem - my family does the big family Christmas celebration on Christmas day, while Kim's family celebrates Christmas as a bunch of small immediate families, and then they all get together the next weekend. Unfortunately the way the calendar this year (and next year) lines up, the next weekend is a holiday too (New Year's), so the big get together is postponed until the weekend after that. So we were worried that we would have to choose one family who gets to have us for the big celebration... as it happens Kim found some cheap fares and we can fly out twice... seems ridiculous but all things considered it's the cheapest and most sensible option. It'll just be tiring to fly so much, on flights which aren't nonstop...

Kim's job is a lot better now. She has moved up from super-receptionist to work in the Marketing department at iSyndicate, using her rapidly acquired HTML and JavaScript skills. It's much more her pace, I think, and she's a lot happier.

Hey, have you seen Halfbrain yet? It requires IE 4 or 5 on Windows, which is lame, but that's only because no other browser supports DHTML properly. It's worth a look even if you have to go way out of your way to see it with IE 5. DHTML office apps, delivered over the web. This is what Marc Andreesen was talking about with the Crossware concept (via Dynamic Content) back in 1997. The sad part is... well, there are 2 sad parts. Sad part number 1 is, it took 2 1/2 years to come true. Sad part number 2 is, Netscape can't write a good enough browser to make it happen.

Speaking of Netscape and browsers, Mozilla is coming along pretty well, but it's taking a really long time... perhaps because of the total rewrite decision, but it really feels like it's not moving terribly fast. I feel somewhat guilty for not hacking on it yet. I don't have MacOS 8.5, so I can't do it on the MacOS, and I don't have Visual C++, so I can't do it on Windows. But I do have gcc and Red Hat Linux 6.1, so I should be able to hack on the Linux port. It's pretty cool that they are using a shared code base, since that means hacks I make on the Linux version would be reflected on MacOS. It will probably take a lot of time to get to speed, because of all the developer infrastructure and overhead they have built, and that's what is really holding me back. I wonder if I could find somebody around here to get me started in person...? I have pinged Hans about it, and he seems like he might know enough people to get this started, so we'll see what happens.