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November 28, 2000

From the Glad-I-Quit department: IXL restructures, fires 850 employees. Holy cow!

November 23, 2000

Oh look, another web log thingy: LiveJournal lets you keep ongoing web logs. Well, actually it's a little more interesting than that. The "friends" feature is pretty interesting - you tell the service who your friends are, and visitors can go from your page to see their comments, and to their page, to their friends, etc. Pretty interesting.

November 22, 2000

TVDance is funny.

November 21, 2000

I have resigned from Viant(!). My last day was last Friday, the 17th of November. I've got a number of opportunities but I'm taking my time to find something really exciting, and just to chill out for a few weeks and get some skiing done.

The Quote File is now online. (Don't worry, they are all anonymous so nobody will get in trouble for saying stuff.)

I recently bought Bombay the Hard Way at Medium Rare Records. Both rule. I have ordered Deewar from DesiFilms, out of curiosity...

I recently rented Boiler Room, which was pretty good, and Mission: Impossible 2, which was pretty awful despite being directed by John Woo. (Hard Boiled is a much better John Woo film; the opening restaurant shoot-em-up scene is absolutely over-the-top.)

Persephone's Bees are an excellent local band. Epitonic files them in the Pop, Lounge, and New Wave categories. Exactly. Plus the singer is Russian and sings in Russian part of the time.

November 1, 2000

I bought a Modo last weekend (with Fiid) at the Virgin Megastore in SF. There's no link to show you what it looks like, because as you may already know, they went out of business *2 days later*, so there's no web site anymore. Dammit, I spent $108.xx including tax on a little gizmo that was obsolete in 2 days.

I saved the receipt, fortunately, and today I took it back to try and return it. The return policy printed on the back of the receipt says unopened merchandise only... I was all ready to ask for the manager, make a big deal out of it, etc.

When it was my turn at the customer service counter, I took it out and the cashier immediately asked if I had the receipt. He knew what it was, what the deal was (told me they went out of business), and gave me an immediate refund *plus* a $10 store credit for the inconvenience of having bought something that turned out to be useless. He also told me a story about some enterpreneur who wanted to buy all of the returned modos so he could start his own similar service.

I bought 2 CDs immediately.

1) They get it. CompUSA and Best Buy don't.
2) D.C. didn't have a Virgin Megastore. SF does.
2a) I don't think Mountain View has one either. Shocking.