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February 9, 1999

I took 2 carloads of clothes and miscellaneous stuff to Goodwill today. We also stopped by a women's clothing consignment store in Capitol Hill, called "Clothes Encounters... of the second kind". Clever.

We took care of a bunch of little things yesterday and today. It is totally amazing how complicated our lives are, and it has nothing to do with the computer angle of our lives. Our lives are unnecessarily complicated by way too many belongings, and we know this. But it's difficult to break free of all this stuff, all the bills, all the mail fowarding and blah blah blah, what a pain.

Mike, Pax, Jose, and Scott will be joining us at Mardi Gras. Kick ass... can't wait.

Kim and I leave Wednesday 2/10, sometime in the morning. All we have to do is pack up the computers (Fiid is going to ship them to us) and pack our suitcases in the car, and go...

It's really gonna happen.

February 2, 1999

We are out of the apartment for good now. I pulled all the nails out of the walls and vacuumed the carpets. Kim washed the kitchen and bathroom... and a whole bunch of wonderful people (pals of ours) assisted us in getting the last round of stuff packed up and hauled away.

It's very freaky not having a real mailing address. We are deferring the job and apartment choice until we get out there, but that means that we have to get a Mail Boxes Etc. mailbox set up out there, from here. It's a pain because the forms differ, so we've had to get them to fax the forms to us, then fax them back. It was even more annoying to find out that the part of the form which said "agent or notary", meaning that an employee of MBE, or a notary, could watch us sign the setup form, was not acceptable to the MBE guys in SF. They insisted on a notary, and that Kim and I couldn't have a joint form. The local MBE guys are surprised. But we did it anyway and faxed the forms over. We have yet to find out what our temporary SF mailing address will be since they haven't called us back yet. Man this whole moe is so complicated. Hopefully it'll be worth it!

One of our big concerns was the fact that our bedroom set, a $2400 set of dark, new, very nice stuff, was not selling. It's hard to ditch something (other than a car I guess) when it costs $1700 and all you get to see is a little photo. We advertised in various places, the most promising of which was on the bulletin board in Fresh Fields locations around the area. A few people came over and checked it out and said "nah." Well finally our friend Nathan, a co-worker of mine from my brief tour of duty at iXL, said that if nobody else bought it, he'd take it all for $1000. And there you have it. We had rented *another* truck (one van already went with Craig to SF with the bulk of our stuff, you may recall) with the intent of moving it all to storage while we tried to sell it... well fortunately we just used it to move the stuff to Nathan's apartment instead.

My home network was down for about 8 hours, it's now back up as part of for a week or so. It would have been less but I was tired and needed to sleep more than I needed to cable, and tell my DHCP server to clam up and let Fiid's take over.

Kim, Fiid, and Hazel are really really sick. Somehow I have escaped, I'm not sure how. I stayed up late and moved my stuff in the dead of night in January too, so I should be coughing my innards up too. I guess I shouldn't question this too much but hey, that's my nature.

Although I am still pursuing a number of regular web consulting companies (who all boast about the same cultural things that make them unique, except they're all the same in those ways) in SF, I also have been surprised at the amount of independent consulting work that is floating around waiting for me to snatch it and put it in my pocket. Hmmm.... we'll see what I end up doing, in time.