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January 31, 2003

This story about one man's struggle with uneducated neighbors is pretty darn funny.

The mullet is not usually considered as something to be proud of. Check out this guy - pure mullet baby!

Hey look, even Linux has "Switch" ads now.

January 30, 2003

Homestar Runner is freaking awesome. Give it a few minutes to become clear. Props to Kim for finding it.

January 25, 2003

Hans Blix makes his report about the progress of UN inspections in Iraq on Monday. President Bush makes a state of the union address on Tuesday. Clearly the administration is nearly convinced that war is justified, but polls show that American citizens do not feel that it is without a smoking gun, which has yet to be presented by the administration or the UN inspectors. I wonder if on Tuesday, the president will reveal previously undisclosed hard evidence of WMD, and announce that we have begun our attack. I have my doubts, though; it he had this evidence I think he would already have shared it with Congress and the other members of the U.N. Security Council.

January 23, 2003

My CCSF schedule for this semester is finally confirmed (I had to add some classes and wasn't sure that I'd be allowed to). I'm taking 4 classes: Critical Thinking (a required course for any California State University school, which includes SFSU), Music Fundamentals, Beginning Piano (which is transferrable for credit toward a music major at several schools I've considered transferring to), and Baroque and Classical Music (also transferrable). So far so good. The bummer in all this is that I'm taking 10 credits (which is about 15 hrs/week of class time) but I have to go to campus every day (twice on Wednesday since I have a morning and late afternoon class) so I end up spending 9 hours a week on public transportation. It's not as easy to study on the bus/streetcar as it might seem (cramped, rainy, and loud does not add up to a good learning environment), but I am getting a chance to read recreationally again, and that's good.

Am I the only one who thinks that this map of the BART SFO extension project looks a lot like this famous map of Napoleon's march of 1812? Of course they left out the number of construction workers who died during the winter of 2002. :)

Frodo has failed us! (36K JPEG image)

January 17, 2003

This article explores the irony in our war-obsessed, execution-crazed President declaring a National Sanctity of Life Day. (Based on what I learned in my high-school journalism course, this article seems to show some bias. Just a little.) But it's really funny. Thank you, First Amendment.

Out of nowhere, Apple releases a kick-ass web browser! They aren't kidding, it's really fast. I was starting to get so frustrated with how slow Mozilla on MacOS X was that I was starting to use Mac IE, and feeling guilty. I know there are some other Mozilla derivatives out there but I didn't feel like running yet another half-working browser (I patiently waited as Mozilla transformed from broken crap to killer browser, but I'm not really eager to do that all over again). Ta da, Apple comes out with Safari. It works, and it's so bloody fast that I don't really mind that it doesn't have tabbed browsing so much.

January 16, 2003

After 10 years, I'm a college student again. Just in time for severe state school budget cuts! What the story doesn't say is that there's a faculty/staff hiring freeze and pressure to reduce the number of classes this semester. A couple of classes that I (and other students) wanted to get into were cancelled. I can handle the $11/credit->$24/credit increase, but classes just not being there is an impediment. I guess it'll just take longer... oh well, that'll give me a chance to work and get better grades, I guess. Anyway, I have books, I have classes, I have paper and pens (thanks Lori!), I have notes... and now, I have to go to class. More details later.

January 11, 2003

I start taking classes at City College of San Francisco on Monday. I'm very excited. I've started working my way through Practica Musica 4 this week and I can already notice the difference in my ability to read music. It's been so long since I learned about anything aside from computers, it's kind of hard to imagine learning about something else. But I will, next week!

January 8, 2003

Jason Newsted Says His New Band Can Kick Metallica's Ass. The new band, of course, is Voivod, one of my favorite bands if not my very very most preeeeecioussss. I agree with him; Metallica has lost focus and hasn't done a good album since (maybe) the eponymous one. March 4th is the date for the new album, eh? Time to start saving up my allowance or quarters or whatever. Me so excited.

January 7, 2003

Did you know that sheet music can be extreme? Apparently it can. Some guy named Don Byrd asks, "Have you ever wondered what the highest, lowest, shortest, or longest note ever written is? Or what the densest chord, or the shortest or longest piece is? I've been working off and on for years on a document entitled Extremes of Conventional Music Notation. Comments, criticisms, and contributions are very welcome."

January 5, 2003

This guy really likes cricket! Talk about timing... the photographer timed that shot just right. Thank you Mr. Knee.

The Washington Post has an interesting article on the death of the cassette tape and all of the social implications of that passing.

January 3, 2003

I'm watching a TV program about America's obesity crisis. Of course they have the stock footage of "obese Americans walking down the street." How bizarre is that? Somebody had to think of a good place to go, where lots of fat people would be walking around, and then had to take a lot of footage of them walking around. Then they (or someone else) had to comb through (hours of?) footage to pick out the best footage of obese people's behinds walking away from the camera. This is such an odd civilization we live in.

January 2, 2003

"Yes, I've got monkeys in my pants," says a smuggler. To paraphrase Beavis and Butthead, "when he's bad, do you pull down your pants and spank your monkey?" (Sorry, it was just too easy. I had to go for it.)