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November 29, 2003

Now that I have a PowerBook I'm unloading older hardware. I've got a G4 on eBay and a Sony GDM-400PS 19" monitor on Craigslist.

Apparently there are a lot of advanced iTunes visualizer tweaks available. I downloaded Kaleidostrobe and it's a lot better live than in screenshots. It does eat up a lot of CPU, though.

That was OK on Thursday night, when we hosted a vegan Thanksgiving pot-luck dinner. One guest was talking about his vegan pipe organ project (about which another guest asked "do you fondly finger your organ?") and I decided to hook up my laptop to my LCD projector and show his web site to the group. Well, it's an interesting project but there's not really any eye or ear candy to show yet. Oh well. So I ended up just playing tunes via iTunes and running Kaleidostrobe. People were hyp-mo-tized.

Kirk. Had. To. Switch.

November 23, 2003

Konfabulator is a pretty cool looking framework for developing JavaScript based "widgets" that run as simple desktop applications. I don't have time to mess with it yet, but I hope to do so soon.

On Friday, I bought a Roland A-33 MIDI keyboard controller. "MIDI keyboard controller?" you ask. Yes, it's not a synthesizer; it's just a keyboard that uses MIDI to talk to a synthesizer. Connect it to a MOTU FastLane USB and SimpleSynth and you've got something that makes some noise. That's good, because the whole point of buying this thing was to have something to practice on at home, since the silly but fun Yamaha DJX that I had borrowed has been un-borrowed by its owner. I felt like such a poser carrying this monster keyboard (it's 47" long and pretty heavy) on a bus in the Mission where I bought it. :)

November 19, 2003

Kim pointed out this story related to Finding Nemo. Can you say "not getting it"? Wow. So dumb.

The RedBox unattended convenience stores / giant robo-vending machines are no more. Oh well.

There's a new spam-scam email that has a forged PayPal address and an attachment that, if you run it, helps you to give away your bank info to some unknown nefarious criminals. Beware, and as always, don't open unexpected attachments and don't give away your passwords to random people who claim to want to check it "for security reasons".

November 17, 2003

Ever want to see the anatomy of a real human body that has been "plastinated"? Then proceed to Professor Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds!

November 12, 2003

Headphone fetish? I don't get it. But there it is.

Safari Enhancer doesn't really turn off the Safari cache well enough to fix the caching bug. This method does seem to work, however.

November 10, 2003

Halloween pictures are online in the photo gallery.

The guy who maintains MacCVSClient is very silly.

I had some problems with accessing files on my home file server after I upgraded to Panther. It turns out this had nothing to do with Panther, and everything to do with a known bug in Netatalk. I had compiled it using the option -with-did=last which is known to cause problems on drives with a very large number of files (but the alternative, --with-did=cnid, was too buggy to use when I studied the configuration options a year or so ago). Well, this is a 160GB disk that is 75% full, so yes, you could say it has a lot of files on it. The buggy behavior is really freaky: open a folder, and you see files that belong in there, and some files from other folders too! Look at another folder and you see a different collection of things that should and shouldn't be in there. Scary. Also, the Finder crashed frequently upon browsing these volumes -- I guess the buggy server does something bizarre that the client isn't expecting, and so the client gets hosed. I recompiled netatalk with -with-did=cnid and the problem went away, although it did break all of my aliases to that volume (dammit). If I had time I'd switch to SAMBA already, but for now I'm limping along with netatalk.

While researching my halloween costume, I came across this bit of grammatical peevishness. I must say that I'm reading The Aeneid right now, and the whole thing is like that. It's like eating a sandwich, when you swallow before you've chewed enough. *grrk* Take a big swig of $favorite_beverage, *gulp*, ahhh. Repeat 10,000 times, and remember every bite because you'll be quizzed on it every Thursday..