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Friends & Acquaintances (in no particular order)

Kim is my wife. We met at George Washington University at a party in 1993.

Fiid. A young British developer/sysadmin guy who came to work for us at WestLake Solutions back in April of 1997. When I quit WestLake and went to NetResponse, I brought him with me. When I quit NetResponse (then iXL) and moved to SF, it took me 9 months but I brought him with me to work at Viant. Since then he has left, and now works at Mediabolic. At one point he was staffed on a project for Viant in their London office, and because of the short notice the only seat available was in Upper Class (what Virgin Airlines calls first class). Upper class comes with a car that gives you a ride to and from the airport, on both ends of the trip. We didn't expect the kind of car that came: here are some pictures of Fiid getting into the stretch limo.

Tero Paananen - I worked with Tero, if by "worked with" you mean "almost worked with" or "worked at the same company as while being 2500 miles apart". First we tried to hire him at Westlake Solutions but he had to finish his stinkin' MSCS in Finland and I left Westlake before that happened. Then he worked at Viant at the same time that I did but we were in different offices (he was in NY, I was in SF). But we are still friends across that distance somehow.

Jason Untulis - Fiid and I worked with him at Viant and then we were roommates because we decided that saving money on rent in the peak of the SF rental bubble was more important than having privacy. Since then we've all gone our separate ways and have our own places, but it was fun. Jason is a total geek like most of my friends, but unlike most of my friends, he's also a sports geek. He is also unique in that he really really dislikes curry, cheese, chocolate, peas, and Harry Potter. I just can't figure him out; I like all that stuff and I can't stand sports unless I'm at the game (and even then I go to about 1 game a year).

Alaina Hardie - an old friend from my high-school BBS days, when I was so jealous of PC's with WWIV that I wrote a BBS in assembly language. I got bogged down in ZMODEM but other than that it worked with 2 lines - on an Apple //e. Alaina was a WWIV sysop and a fellow Rush-head. Since then I think we both have gotten over Rush but we are still friends. It's been a really long time since we saw each other; sometime soon I need to jump on a plane to Toronto and catch up.

Hans Cathcart- a fellow Mac geek and former admin of the Eagle's computer stuffs. Another web frontiersman, he worked to put the AU newspaper online, and developed some pretty interesting workflow integration between the print production process and the online production process, using WordPerfect macros and file sharing of all things. The technology was ultra-crusty but the result was pretty nifty. He used to work for Apple.

Mike Kullen. We were both part-timers at WestLake early in 1996. Then we both became full-timers. We worked toegether a whole lot, and sat right next to each other. Mike, I'm sorry I Winnuked your computer all those times. It was just so much fun.

John Paxton. A friend of Mike's who joined WestLake as a trainer.

Toni Li is a music major friend of mine at SFSU. We met in piano class, sort of, and are moving along at the same pace through the music major course sequence.

Jim Comer is a friend from way way back in Richmond when I was a teenager. He was more a part of my brother's circle of friends than mine at that time but more recently we've been hanging out a lot in SF. He used to live in the general Sacramento area but now lives in Southern California.

Missing in action

Can't find URLs for these people...

Craig Nelsen

Nanther Thangarajah