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May 29, 2007

On Sunday we saw Garaj Mahal at 12 Galaxies, but the real treat was Questions in Dialect, from Jackson, Mississippi. These guys are about to make it big. We bought both their CDs and are happy we did. It's like trance or D&B but live. It kinda reminds me of Dave's Very Busy (which is ambient trance with real instruments) but more upbeat and driving.

What the heck is Cat With Bow Golf?!!?? You will see...

Tom Tomorrow is so extremely funny. Best political cartoonist working today.

What are people Twitter-ing about? Is it really what their cat is doing and what they had for breakfast? Find out via TweetVolume. The highest frequency words I could come up with were: working, trying, last, night, friend.

Funny: Kids in the Hall on Sarcasm, Indian Thriller.

May 17, 2007

An IM conversation with Faisal reminded me that we did not in fact own any of the Alien DVD's. Wha?!? OK, problem solved: Alien Quadrilogy. Are you not entertained!?!?! 9 DVDs, man. Nine. I don't have a table wide enough to unfold the whole DVD sleeve-book-thing, which is all of 5'4" wide when fully deployed.

OddTodd rules, and MySpace sucks. You mighta known that already. Odd Todd marvels at the suckage of MySpace, and it's funny.

Speaking of popular web sites, Damn kids! Get off my web! covers the sentiment that I share, which is that Twitter is popular for no apparent reason. I get that there are phenomena that don't include me, really I do, so I accept that Twitter may be awesome for some people. I can see how if you wanted to live in a world where your phone / browser / IM client let you live in a cloud of mini messages from your friends, like an endpoint-independent chat room, that would be what Twitter is. For me, it's just a mini blog that seems to be incredibly slow to load if it's not down altogether. I would be more prone to "get it" if it were reasonably usable.

May 6, 2007

Even if Ruby weren't a bundle of fun to program in, I'd probably still use it just so I could play in the same sandbox as Mr. why the lucky stiff, famous for his *ahem* unconventional approach to technical writing. Just look at Hackety Hack. Actual interesting development environment stuff not aimed at code monkey in cube farm in big building in office park working on enterprise applications for Fortune 500 insurance derivative contract revenue tax frobnication. Coding for kids! This sort of thinking can lead to good things as you may well know.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is still weeks away from release, but I can't wait cuz I can't stop looking at this awesome Bellatrix Lestrange movie still featuring Helena Bonham Carter (she does the scary crazy lady role a lot, but she's so good at it). I made it my desktop wallpaper now. Oh evil green spell sparks, and frankencorset, and stitched together silver-curlicue-decorated blouse jacket thing, how cool you all look. Plus also with the streaky hair and crazy I CRUCIATUS YOOO!! facial expression. Sublime.

Funny: I love the SNL celebrity jeopardy. Here's one I hadn't seen: Winona Ryder as Bjork. Also: "Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC." parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.