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May 27, 2003

Finals are over. Kim and I and a bunch of Kim's vegan friends went camping in Yosemite this past weekend. (Specifically, we were in the Upper Pines campground in Yosemite Valley.) Apparently the only way to get a reservation for a campground is to call and reserve it. There's no waiting on hold, there's no reserving 3 campgrounds at once... you just wardial until you get the person, and reserve it right then. So we were lucky that one of the organizers took the trouble to do that. The valley was packed, all campgrounds taken for months in advance, and there were lots of people there. Most of them seemed interested in short sightseeing hikes (as opposed to the Half Dome hike which is the mother of all hikes as far as Yosemite is concerned. There were tons and tons of cars jamming the roads on Sunday afternoon... nobody was moving at all. I suspect that it was day hikers who couldn't get space in the valley, who drove in on Sunday morning and then had to leave, combined with folks who were camping in the valley and wanted to leave. But on Monday the place had cleared out, which surprised me since it was a holiday. Maybe more folks work on Memorial Day than I had thought? We did some fairly long hikes; I think we ended up hiking about 20 miles total in 3 days, as well as cooking a lot back at camp (them SF vegans sure are foodies!). I wore the running shoes I bought at a thrift store, which turned out to be a bad decision because they're a tad too small. I ended up with bleeding, blistered toes (eww, yuck!). That did lessen my enjoyment of the hikes a bit but I managed to ignore it and walk a bit slower on Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately I have no pictures this time because last week my digital camera stopped working. I have to send it in for repairs.

On May 18th I participated in San Francisco Bay to Breakers 2003. No, I didn't run. Instead I dressed as Kim Jong Il and pushed a cart that I made to look like a nuclear reactor. There are pictures.

May 19, 2003

I just finished putting the Axis of Evil band web site up. Enjoy.

May 11, 2003

Tonight I was watching The Simpsons and a commercial came on that made me laugh uncontrollably. It was for The Hot Chick... on DVD. Goin' out on a limb here... I predict rather disappointing sales for that one. Just a hunch.

Next week is the beginning of final exams at CCSF. I am so very much looking forward to the semester being over, and getting the credits for all the time I've spent, and maybe even getting out of community college and into SFSU.

We saw X2 on Friday. Once again, director Bryan Singer managed to do a decent job despite the Hollywood tradition of dumbing everything down. Definitely worth seeing in the theater.