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February 27, 2000

Hey, more cool stuff is afoot!

We got an apartment in SF. It's in the Castro, which is a super hip part of town. The place rocks. We signed the lease (and forked over the big bucks) today. We are thinking of when to move in, and our thinking is that we should move this week. We will miss having DSL for a few weeks (until we get DSL installed at the new place) but it's sooo much better in every other way that it won't hold us back.

I lost my phone last weekend (doh!) but called CellularOne and turned it off right away. Fiid happened to have his old one (exactly the same phone aside from the color) and gave it to me so I have a phone again. Same number and everything. So it has worked out pretty well, with minimal upheval.

February 13, 2000

I updated my resume again, since it seems like there are a lot of people reading it lately. At least, there are a lot of recruiters clogging up my voice mail at work :) Anyway, in case you are curious what I'm doing at work, this is as much detail as I can give publicly...

February 7, 2000

Last night Fiid and I saw the Dixie Dregs and Dream Theater at Maritime Hall. What a crummy venue. The Dregs were good and so was Dream Theater, although we left pretty early because the place was just so lame. It was much too full, the acoustics were so bad that I couldn't hear either band clearly, the bartenders are rude and annoying, and you have to deal with a silly alcohol control scheme that they have cooked up which really ends up just being a major pain in the butt. Seeing them at Daytona's near Baltimore, MD was much better, and that was just some little club in the middle of nowhere. There was unexpectedly good food - I had the Chicken Dinner and it was yummy. It's like school cafeteria food at its best. We bailed to the Palomino (Gordon Biersch was closing even though it was only 10:30) and had a few drinks and then crashed for night in SF on Fiid's couch. Maaan we need to move up into the city!

The hair on my recently shaven head is growing in again. I took pix.

February 3, 2000

A very interesting thing happened last night, at the hearing for the DNA Lounge late night license. The bureaucracy worked!

Fiid and I attended the hearing at City Hall in SF, to support Jamie Zawinski's effort to purchase the venue while retaining the license to operate until 6 a.m., 7 days a week. He has some really cool ideas for the place, and I really would like to go; I've also noted the lack of cool places to go when it's 3 a.m. and I don't really feel like going home. In SF there are more than in Washington D.C., but there still aren't that many. So this was a pretty important issue.

We got there at 5:30, and brought the Viant office's Austin Powers cardboard mannequin as a fellow late night party enthusiast. As we got on the elevator we saw a couple of people with a stack of the bright pink stickers announcing our cause to save SF late night culture, and so we get ourselves all labelled up. (Austin as well.) The hearing room was absolutely packed with people, most of whom were part of our cause (the stickers made it easy to know whose side people were on). Most of the people on our side were wearing black or gray, had dyed hair (black, red, pink, purple, green), very interesting hairstyles, and piercings. Your average teenager looks like a dork with all of this adornment; most of these people looked like they were in their 20's and I thought they looked pretty damn cool. So that was the scene.

After waiting about 3 hours for other cases to be handled (during which time Kim joined us), our number was called. Residents and representatives from SFPD made their case for a restricted license, with 6 a.m. operation 2 nights a week. They really had a valid point of view and I respect them but a lot of their case was based on other clubs, with other club owners, and I have to say that Jamie Zawinski's plans and attitude are much more ambitious with respect to soundproofing and community cooperation than I would guess most clubowners' are. It seemed like he really intended to do this stuff. But it seemed like they weren't willing to give him a chance. They called him naive and inexperienced, and made it clear that they didn't expect him to live up to his good intentions. They recalled some stories of inconsiderate behavior of club DJs and customers.

Then the pro-DNA side spoke. A number of people made similar cases for SF as a world class city needing to have a vibrant nightlife beyond 2 a.m. One Irish gentleman spoke of how SF in the 50s and 60s had a more hopping nightlife than it does now. He also mentioned that in Ireland, clubs close at 4 a.m., and used a bit of rhetoric to suggest that as proud Americans we should want to outdo the backwards provincial Irish. One guy named Starchild harshly criticized the board for making us wait to be heard, and basically vented at the system for making us wait while we paid taxes for the police to oppose our point of view... it was a pretty tiresome point of view and I really don't think he helped us one bit. Attacking the people who have to make the decision about the club doesn't seem like a great idea... oh well.

The members of the board asked some insightful questions about what the law says about dance halls vs. places of entertainment, in and out privileges, sound limiters, and made it fairly clear that they themselves had taken part in late night dancing either recently or a while ago when they were younger. This was very encouraging - they get it. They know why a club like DNA needs to exist. They removed the restriction on hours so it is now possible to be open until 6 a.m. 7 days a week. We won! Amazing.

I'm really excited to see what jwz does with the place...

Here is jwz's account of the event. Check out his speech! He spoke REALLY fast and the board had to repeatedly ask him to slow down for the court reporter's sake :)

Oh yeah, and my web site had this color scheme and look before his did :)

February 2, 2000

Kim and I will very likely move to San Francisco in the middle of March. Woo hoo! We don't know where yet, we just know it's gonna happen. We're excited. Finally...

I just won an auction on eBay for a Diamond Rio 500. Nobody has them in stock but of course they are available on eBay... and they only came out a month or two ago, if I remember correctly... sheesh.